In addition to the Umbrella option, there are many other options available to contractors and freelance professionals.

We take our time consulting with you to ensure you are fully informed of the available options and receive the best advice to help you decide which suits you best.

  • CIS: We provide services for individuals working in the construction industry, we are registered with HMRC as a contractor and subcontractor and therefore can manage contract administration and payments of timesheets, we provide assistance with CIS registration and self-assessment tax returns.
  • International Pay: We provide services for individuals working outside the UK, we are registered with a number of local tax authorities and can manage contract administration and payments of timesheets, we also have the ability to make payments in a number of foreign currencies.
  • Limited Company: We have a number of accounting packages to suit individuals operating their own limited company, these packages include company formation, accounting and taxation services, an online portal and all the necessary support and advice to help ensure that your company meets its statutory requirements and succeeds in its objectives.
  • Expat Solutions: We provide a number of services to support expat contractors working in the UK.
  • Consultancy: We employ a team of project-based consultants to carry out a niche, high-end projects to recruitment agencies and end-users requiring a specialist team to deliver the services.

Whatever the sector, industry or pay rate, whether you are a seasoned contractor or new to the freelance world, ELT will have the solution for you!

ELT provides accounting solutions for contractors and freelance professionals
  • Umbrella
  • PAYE
  • CIS
  • International Pay
  • Consultancy
  • Limited Company